Written by on August 23, 2022

A 25-year-old Nigerian man, Elisha Tari, on Monday said he stoned his two children, aged 3 and 5 to death for refusing to pronounce “God” as he instructed them.

The incident occurred at Himike village in the Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, North-east Nigeria.

Tari, who is a single parent and a local village musician, narrated his side of the story after his arrest and questioning.

It happened last Thursday, while I was preparing their meal, I enquired to know if they had any idea when their mother would forgive me and return home to us; they didn’t say a word.

Again, I also asked them to repeat after me and pronounce God; they refused, instead they shouted fire and kept yelling fire, repeatedly.

I got incensed, coupled with the fact that their mother had been gone for over two months; leaving just me alone, with all the frustrations of raising them all by myself.

I have tried several times to placate my wife to return home but was blocked by her parents.

In that terrible mood, I must confess I didn’t even know when I reached for stones and repeatedly stoned both of them, hitting their head to death.

Asked if he was under any drug influence or something related, The 25-year-old admitted;

I smoke Indian hemp, drink alcohol, and inhale snuff. But I don’t do hard drugs.

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