nigerians groan amidst rising cost of cooking gas

Written by on September 24, 2023

The galloping rise in the price of Liquified Petroleum Gas, LPG, also known as cooking Gas has become a source of worry to the people, even as costs of alternative sources like kerosene, coal and firewood are going way off the reach of an average household

Residents of Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, South East Nigeria say the increase coupled with the escalating prices of basic commodities and services, life has become more agonising for the people.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG commonly known as cooking gas is one of the basic domestic needs of an average Nigerian household.

Experts consider this energy source as a better alternative in terms of climate warm and the effort to save the environment, when compared to dangers inherent in the use of firewood, coal and others.

But, the new price hike in cooking gas may deny locals of using the product, thereby reversing the expected benefits on the environment and of green field.

Indications at Gas dispensing station in Abakaliki, the capital city of Ebonyi State, show an upward adjustment to a new price regime per kilogram of LPG from about N600 a fortnight ago to between N850 and N900 this Friday.

This is even as small retail outlets sell as high as N1000 and above per kilogram unit.

Joseph Igboke and Emeka Chukwuma say prices of basic household needs are now at cut throat.

For others who rely on alternatives such as kerosene, coal and firewood, the rise in cooking gas price has pushed up demand for these products and their consequent price increase too.

An environmental analyst warns of the inherent dangers of deforestation which will arise due to increased usage of firewood as source of energy in Nigeria.

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